Detecting Your Immunity to Valley Fever

This information does not take the place of speaking with your health care provider. More information about SPHERUSOL, including the full Prescribing Information, can be obtained at or by calling toll-free 1-855-855-1212.

Detecting an immune response  

The immune response is how your body recognizes and defends itself against organisms that can cause diseases like Valley Fever.

SPHERUSOL is a skin test performed if your doctor has determined you have a history of Valley Fever (pulmonary coccidioidomycosis). The purpose of the test is to see if you have developed an immune response to the fungus (Coccidioides) that causes Valley Fever.

               o   The Valley Fever infection is early

               o   The Valley Fever infection is severe

               o   Other infections or conditions interfere with the immune response

               o   Certain drugs that affect the immune system can interfere with the immune response

How the test works

How the test is given

Important rules to remember

How the test is read

What to expect after the test


If you are positive, you can expect a small area of swelling typically the size of a dime or a quarter over about 1-2 days. You should contact your health care provider if you experience severe pain or rapid or larger swelling at the site.

You should seek immediate medical attention if you experience the following signs that may be a serious or life-threatening condition:

      o   Difficulty breathing

      o   Wheezing

      o   Hives or rash

      o   Itching over major areas of your body

Your health care provider should keep you under observation for at least 20 minutes after you receive SPHERUSOL to see if you develop signs of a severe allergic reaction.

You should not receive SPHERUSOL if you have had a severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) to SPHERUSOL or the ingredients in SPHERUSOL such as the preservative phenol or very low levels of thimerosal.

You should tell your health care provider if you are taking drugs known as beta blockers as they might interfere with treatments for severe reactions.

You should tell your health care provider if you have a condition or you are taking drugs that affect your immune system.

Most of the patients in clinical studies experienced some effects at the site including: itching, swelling, and/or pain within 7 days of the test.

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